Top 3 Apps For Free Reverse Phone Lookup In 2021

This ‘s particularly true in now ‘s day and age with everybody online and supporting their displays. Since everything and everybody is online, it’s simple to determine how we can use our technician to our benefit.

These days, we’re likely to discuss phone programs. Particularly, the programs that allow to get a reverse telephone lookup using GPS place. These are particularly helpful to people with young kids and teens which are just finding the planet. Having a bit of mind as soon as your kids are growing up isn’t straightforward.

This ‘s where those programs glow. Remember we’re not speaking about hidden or spy monitoring programs. To the contrary, those programs we’re going to talk aren’t hidden and need consent to be installed and to operate, thus, if you’re concerned about threatening somebody ‘s solitude — cease. The only way that these programs will operate is by mutual trust and understanding.

Thus, without further ado — allow ‘s take a peek at the very top 3 programs to get a free reverse telephone lookup in 2021.

Our Top Choices

Best Total: SpyFone

Best For Children: KidsGuard Guru

As you can see, you will find our top 3 choices for each individual class. Now, the majority of these programs do similar things so, to prevent confusion, we’re likely to miss a few of the most crucial elements of those programs and compare them head to head, so it is possible to view exactly what one does that another person doesn’t.

Singing Installing and Up The Programs

What’s typical for each these programs is they will work on both the Android and iOS. Obviously, should you’re running an operating system which ‘s early (Android 4.0 and reduced for example ) you won’t have the ability to conduct these programs, but we highly doubt that anybody ‘s operating a device so historical.

Along with this, you’ll need to disable Play Shield in Google Play Store before installing a program such as this, because the algorithm is blocking such programs, due to the spyware which ‘s being promoted as ‘parental control programs ‘, however don’t worry, these 3 are totally protected.

As soon as you do so, the remainder of the setup procedure is pretty much fundamental and also the exact same for all of these. You run the installer, then input your credentials and you’re all set.


The dashboard is essentially a synopsis of features an program offers and from there you are able to control and access everything that you want.

One reason we’ve picked SpyFone as our top selection is your dash. It’s undoubtedly the easiest to navigate of all of the programs we’ve examined, while concurrently offering the most choices. In the dashboard, it is possible to view virtually all that’s performed on the targeted cellphone, so kudos to You can see the contact number and version, memory and battery status, if the world wide web is off or on, whether GPS is off or on, origin standing, messages, calls and much more.

You’ve got some simple info like ID, your subscription program, a version of this telephone and if it’s ‘s online or not. However, to observe any in depth info about any of these, you need to see individual panels.

The dash of our final selection, mSpy, is undoubtedly the easiest one. Some might favor the ease of the dash and we’d agree. It seems great and should you would like to view more information, you simply proceed to the respective activity panels such as calls, place, messages, browser history and so forth.

Key Features

Naturallywe won’t go through all them, however we’ll highlight the main elements of every program, dependent on which they’re ideally used for.






Photos & Videos

Web History & Presence



Together with these 3 programs, you receive all the above mentioned features and a few additional ones too. Butjust for the sake of it, let’s ‘s take a peek at the best characteristics of individual programs.

Arguably the very best quality of this program is GPS monitoring and geofencing. This permits you to readily access and monitor the location of the targeted devices. Obviously, you can achieve it in real-time together with the extreme precision, and that’s exactly what SpyFone does remarkably well.

In case you’re not knowledgeable about Geofencing, let’s break it down to you. With geofencing, it is possible to mark dangerous regions of the town and when the targeted device crosses the line — you instantly get educated. This is a good feature if you’d like to steer clear of muggings or other disagreeable encounters when you travel overseas, as an example.

KidsGuard Guru — Require Photo

Well, with all the Take Photo attribute of the KidsGuard Guru App, it is possible to easily snap a photograph with the back camera of the targeted device and also see exactly what your child is doing and when everything’s fine.

But it’s important to remember is that the telephone is off or in a pocket, so you won’t be in a position to take photographs — or not ones that are viable.

mSpy — Keylogger

This feature permits you to monitor key words and get informed when the consumer of the targeted device hunts for some term. This program does a excellent job with this attribute as it can track keywords and keystrokes within a number of programs. For example, perhaps your kid isn’t googling about how to cope with bullies however is speaking to their friends about it as they don’t even understand how to approach you with it. With this attribute, you’d understand, so you might easily help.


Each one the above-mentioned programs arrive in free variations, but you won’t have the ability to get all the characteristics.

SpyFone is undoubtedly the best alternative for a completely free version, since you access all of the vital features. Obviously, if you would like to have more choices, you can update to Xtreme, that will grant you access to features like Live Screen Tracking, to get a complete forget and insight to the targeted device.

Ultimately, we feel as it’s safe to state the SpyFone is the most suitable choice for a reverse mobile phone lookup program. It’s very straightforward and easy to use and set up, it’s much less expensive than others, it’s virtually bug-free and no other program on the market comes close in an assortment of choices when you update to Xtreme.